Monday, October 31, 2011

2nd Attempt at Brush Coils

Today on Halloween I decided to try my brush coils again.  I think the key to making them look well formed is that I need to put less pressure on the brush and have a relaxed hand.  This time around I glided the brush across my hair in a circular motion and moved to the next section of hair once I saw that my hair was curling up.  All these pictures were taken after my hair dried.

This time around I think the coils came out better.  I went to my church's pumpkin party with my two year old son and the hubby.  I got two compliments so in my mind these coils were a success.  Until next time...



  1. Hmmmm....Brush coils? Ok, I have never heard of these. Need to research. Anyhow, I love the look on you. I mean you did an absolutely stunning job. God Bless

  2. your hair is beautiful!!! i love doing the brush coils hair is getting a little to long though for it!! ;)

  3. @ Special K thank you!
    @ Blooming Diva I agree my hair is getting a little to long, but I like the look.
    @ BlackSistah check out my 1st attempt of brush coils for YouTube videos on how to do your own brush coils.

  4. OMG, I've been missin' out! This is sooo pretty!

  5. BTW, i love your curl pattern

  6. I have never seen brush coils! Cute!