Sunday, April 22, 2012

I finally did it!

It's been almost two weeks since my last post and for me that's kinda long.  I haven't posted because I have been in the process of completing my application to go to grad school.  If you follow my blog you know that I'm a teacher.  I have two degrees and five teaching licenses in special and elementary education, but I have always wanted to get my master's degree.  So, here I am taking a deep breath and praying that I can successfully do this while working full time and continuing to be an active mother and wife to my son and husband.

On my father's side of the family I was the first person to graduate from college.  Now, since then my older brother has earned a degree and I now have a few cousins that have earned degrees, but I was the first.  My parents always wanted me to go back and earn a master's degree and when I had first started working as a teacher I was way over my head the first three years working.  Just trying to keep my head above water and my feet out of the fire.  My entire 12 year career has been as a special education teacher in intercity urban schools.  Nothing fluffy or easy about my job and career requirements.  Then when I met my to be husband I was fully engaged in a new exciting relationship, then a newlywed, and now a mother of a toddler.  So, I'm done with the excuses!  It's my turn now.  This is about me doing what I want to do with my life.  Taking care of me!

Many women talk about caring for themselves by usually pampering themselves and taking a break from the stresses of their lives.  I want to do something for myself that I can have forever!  Spa treatments and manicures will quickly fade and need to be applied and replaced to get the same effect.  I have never chosen to pamper myself this way.  Maybe I should once in awhile, but at this point I would rather invest my money to advance myself in something no one can ever take away from me.

Please pray for me!  If everything goes well I will qualify for the TEACH grant and loan forgiveness for working at a title one school.  Once my application gets reviewed and I'm accepted I will be meeting with the financial aide department to discuss my financial package.  If everything works out I will have NO money out of pocket!  If it doesn't then I have to decide how much more debt we can handle at this time.  So, please pray for me!  Until next time...

Monday, April 9, 2012

8 Month Anniversary of Big Chop

April 8, 2012 Fro Hawk with flower Easter Hair.
On Easter I celebrated my 8th month anniversary of my big chop.  My hair in the front is measuring at 6 inches and it is completely curling around my nose.  I wore my hair in a fro hawk with a pink flower that matched my dress for Easter.

I learned that it is really hard to measure and do length checks on conditioned wet hair.  Next time I will measure with just wet hair.  My hair is loving most of the Mop Top products, I need to order some more of the Daily Conditioner.  I used the deep conditioner again and found that my hair is a little protein sensitive, so I will limit the Mop Top Deep Conditioner to only once a week or less.

Hair measures 6 inches.
I found that my hair felt dry and really course this past Saturday, so I did the Porosity test with a few strands in a glass of water and sure enough I have low porosity hair.  I had never heard of porosity until I read a post by Curlilocks.  Thank you sweetie you saved me from trimming my hair!  So I completely rinsed out the Deep Conditioner and just used the Daily Conditioner for my leave in and presto, problem solved smooth shiny hair again!  I'm praying to have some really healthy growth in the next 4 months because my goal is to have my hair touching my chin by my one year anniversary this August.  Until next time...

Length check in the back.

Length check on the side.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've been featured!

Hello everyone!  I have exciting news!  I've been featured at Deepbrown & Kinks.  Nat contacted me and asked me to share my story with her readers in Nigeria.  How exciting!  Please check out my feature here!  Until next time...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mop Top Review

Back in February I wrote a review on some Mop Top products I won through a drawing and basically I loved them except for one teeny little issue I had with the price.  So, after getting a little refund from Uncle Sam I decided to splurge and buy the Mop Top Deep Conditioner and Leave it in Conditioner.  I also got some more Gentle Shampoo.

Well after doing some research I found out that Mop Top is top of the line in quality.  Kelly at Mop Top is passionate about her products and after watching several You Tube videos I decided that I needed to do a review on the Deep Conditioner and the Leave it in Conditioner.  I couldn't find a lot of reviews of these products and when I did the person used another product from another line with the Mop Top products, so I will be reviewing these products using only Mop Top in my hair and I will give my perspective including my own pros and cons.

I have embedded my YouTube video review and this is only my second video.  If you have any questions or comments just leave it below.  You can go to Mop Top and order your own.  Until next time...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Church Hair

For church yesterday I wore my hair in a fro hawk with some cute pins.  I'm debating how I should wear my hair for Easter.  My parents and older brother are coming so I want to really look good.  I bought a new pink dress (of course) and I'll be looking for some matching hair pins.  If I can't find anything I like I will wear a pink flower I already have.

I did some quick finger coils in the front for this look.  I think I will wear this look again for Easter because I got so many compliments at church.  A lady friend of mine from Cameroon complimented me on my hair.  I'm always gushing over her daughters hair.  She does the most creative braid styles and I wish I had her talent.  Another friend of mine didn't recognize me when she saw me.  She gushed over my curls and told me that she loved this look.  My 2 year old even said that I was pretty.

I guess it's settled.  I'll do this look for Easter and pray I get the same results.  By the way, I bought more Mop Top products.  Since the hubby and I got some money back for our taxes I decided to splurge and I bought the Deep Conditioner and Leave it in Conditioner along with some more of the Gentle Shampoo.  Since I have no school this week (spring break) I plan to do an product review and I might even make a video.  We'll see.  Until next time...