Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm back and I'm Bra Strap Length!

BSL June 23, 2013
Hello everyone!  Yes, I'm alive.  I'm sorry that I haven't been around to connect and blog with all of you.  I have completed my literature review and my action research project.  My adviser was so impressed with my action research project that she wants me to publish my results.  Needless to say that this has made me even more busy.  I'm also taking 9 credits this summer, working summer school and presenting for my Masters' July 19.  I decided to have a really busy summer to have everything done this December since my grant money runs out this fall. 

Anyway, since my first class starts tomorrow I wanted to post a quick post about my hair.  My two year anniversary of my big chop is this August, but I have met my goal I set for this year.  I wanted to have bra strap length by my anniversary and I have achieved it almost two months early.  I'm very pleased with my growth and retention.

For the past couple of months I have drifted away from my usual WNG's and moved to twist outs because I'm liking my results better now that my hair is longer.  I have been using It's Perfectly Natural product to twist up my hair and now I'm loving my twist outs!

Today's twist out that I wore to church.  The interesting thing is that two ladies at church today who hated my TWA told me how much they loved my twist out today.  One of them said that my hair was beautiful and asked to touch my curls.  Of course I remember that this same lady gave me the stink eye when I stopped relaxing my hair and her look said "that girl is crazy to cut off all her hair" and "natural my foot that girl is nappy!".  Now she thinks that my hair is beautiful.  Amazing how you get some length and now they have vision and love my curls.  Whatever!
To be honest I have been noticing that I have been getting Fairy Knots (single strand knots), so I had to do something different with my styling and I have found that I can co-wash my hair, then wear it in a bun (while wet) then that same night I will twist it up.  Sometimes I will wear my two strand twists for a day or two then as a twist out for about two days, then I will pull my hair up in a twist out puff for a day or two.  This has allowed me to go all week with only co-washing my hair once.  Now, the humidity is making my my hair huge!  I mean big fluffy, afro twist out huge!  This is fine for around the house, but at school I have to represent and I may have to flat twist the the front and then pin it back to control my rising of my hair.

I want to thank everyone who has newly joined my blog!  I promise that I will try to get more posts in this summer, but I will be in class, teaching and getting my presentation ready.  I do intend to make a post of some of the twist outs I have worn over the past couple of months.  Until next time...