Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twist Outs and School Update

Hello everyone!  I want to give you all an update about my presentation for my master's degree.  July 19, I presented to my committee and besides some technical problems that I solved by being prepared everything went beautifully.  My committee gave me the highest score you can earn for your degree.  They were excited and very pleased with my work.  At the end of my presentation I was asked to leave so that the committee could discuss how to score me.  I had just sat down when I was asked to come back in and told that I had impressed the committee and they loved my work!  So, now I have earned my master's and all I need to do is finish up two classes and complete a practicum this fall.  I will be completely done with everything this December.  I will be the first person in my family (dad's side) to have earned my undergrad and graduate degrees.

On a completely different note I promised to update everyone about my hair.  Since my hair is getting much longer I have been stretching my hair through twists and then twist outs to prevent fairy knots.  I remember last year I would have hits and misses with twist outs, but this year I have been loving my twist outs.
Above is a collage of the various twist outs I have worn over the past several months.  This collage are first day twist outs so you can see how my twist outs vary.  They are all two strand twist outs.  Some were done with just conditioner on wet hair and some I did on dry hair.  I need to experiment with adding a gel to my hair because the humidity is a killer on my hair.  I have been using a curling pudding to better define my twist outs, but I find that it doesn't hold the curl definition like gel does.

Of course I get more definition when I do more two strand twists, but that takes more time and with my hair getting longer I have been exploring how my hair looks if I do about eight twists.  I have found the I get more stretch with less twists, but less definition with more fluffy hair.  My two year anniversary is August 9 and I plan to update everything then with a length check and maybe a short video.  Until next time....