Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wash n go with eco styler gel

So, yesterday while at the store with my son I needed some more of my Aussie Moist and you know what that means.  Since I was walking down the aisle looking at all the products I happened to come across the Eco Styler Gel.  Now, I have read a lot about Eco Styler Gel and Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  For my first attempt with a gel I decided to only spent $2.49 as compared to $16.99 for KCCC and then having to buy Knot Today for $11.99.  So, the Eco Styler can be used with my Aussie Moist for $5.69 for a grand total of $8.18 or the KCCC for a grand total of $28.98.  No brainer, I went with the Eco Styler. 

Okay, so I co-washed my hair with my Hello Hydration this morning.  For my leave in I used my Aussie Moist and then I started to apply my Eco Styler all over my head starting in the back.  As I raked it through my hair with my fingers I detangled with my wide tooth comb using my other hand.  In the front I created a part and pinned the part down with some clips until my hair dried.  Which only took about 3 hours.  I then used my Denman brush to define the curls in the front.
Wet hair.
Clips I used to hold the part.

Dry hair.  Not bad for shrinkage.

Clips really helped to define my part.

Texture pic of my curls.

Dry hair and loving my curls.

Dry hair and defined curls.
I'm sure you can tell after seven pictures that I really liked this look.  Total thumbs up for the Eco Styler Gel!  I have a very firm hold and it was a little crunchy, but since it has dried and I have played with the curls my hair has softened up a lot.  I expect it to soften up some more after I have slept on it tonight.  It was a super quick style that took only about 5 minutes to apply the gel and I loved how defined my curls came out.  I plan to wear my hair like this till wash day Saturday which happens to also be my birthday.  I'm hoping that it gets fuller as the week progresses because I really like big full hair.  As always your thoughts and comments are welcome.  BTW I will gladly welcome your thoughts on what you think my hair type is.  I think that I might be a 4a or a 3c, but I really don't know so your thoughts are welcomed.  Until next time...


  1. Absolutely beautiful curls! It worked great on your hair!

  2. Your curls are awesome! I was not a fan of Eco Styler, but it is working for you. I hope you continue to find the prods that best suit your hair! Your hair type looks like a 3c. Type 4 looks more wooly and the curls are very tightly wound. Yours are loose and VERY wavy. I love your hair!

  3. I love eco styler on your curls! I also think you are more towards 3 than 4 hair type. very pretty:-)

  4. Nice! You know, I have never tried EcoStyler for a Wash&Go..crazy I know.
    I think I'm going to test it out, and see how it works as compared to the KCCC in my hair..

    Stay Beautiful!

  5. @Precious thank you!
    @Chastity I picked up the Eco Styler because it was so cheap and I thought that if it didn't work out I would simply throw it away.
    @Coco Natural welcome to my blog and thanks for the advice.
    @Krys the KCCC looks really good in your hair. Maybe borrowing some Eco from someone first to try before buying another product.