Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flat Twist Out and Two Strand Twist Out

On New Year's Eve I started to two strand twist my hair, but after 10 minutes and a crying toddler I decided to also flat twist my hair.  So, I did about 10 two strand twists and 5 fat flat twists to create this look.
No make up and looking tired.
You may of noticed a lack of pictures.  That's because this is the only picture I liked.  The other pictures were either fuzzy or just plain old U.G.L.Y.!  

This is what I've learned from this experience.  Flat twists allow me to determine what direction I want my hair to lay when I take the twist out.  Two strand twists on my short hair, especially on the top makes my hair stick straight out.  On a positive note, I liked the wavy pattern the twist out gave my hair, but I felt like I had to play with it a lot to give my hair some shape instead of randomness.  I'm not going out into public with this look and I plan to only wear it for New Year's Day.  I don't consider this style a failed attempt, considering I learned something about my hair, but I will hold off on the two strand twist outs until I have more length.  Until next time...


  1. I wish I can be tired and look fresh like this; you are lucky to have such a smooth skin;

  2. @Minasek since I have been sick since the week after Thanksgiving I always feel tired. The skin is genetics and good skin care.