Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year...a new beginning!

Happy New Year!  As I have been reviewing 2011 in my head I realize that I really don't have any resolutions.  I do plan to continue to diet and lose more weight, but I didn't gain any weight over the holiday.  In fact I lost a couple of pounds.  I stopped biting my nails last June and I have been fully natural since August.  So, I have decided to look at 2012 as a new beginning.  Below is a list of some things I will try to incorporate into my life over the next couple of weeks.

My new beginnings...
I will let my husband win the next fight even if I know I'm right.
The next time I think my son has earned a time out I will just put him into a time out.
I will only do lengths checks on my hair on my monthly BC anniversaries until March 2012.
When I go back to work next Monday, I will wake up in the morning and not groan in tiredness, but say a quick prayer of thankfulness that I have a job I love doing.

So, there's my list.  Short and sweet.  I feel very blessed to have my wonderful husband, beautiful son, and overall great life.  I pray that all of you have a very blessed new beginning to a New Year!  Until next time...


  1. It seems easy to follow for me; but I Need to add another one. ALWAYS AGREE WITH MINASEK WHATEVER WILL BE her COMMENT. LOL!. GOD BLESS.

  2. Co-sign on #3. I am already so grateful but I am also really tired. I've got to shake that piece or at least try to.

  3. @Minasek lol I do agree with you most of the time.
    @JazzyWife I plan to hold you to the length checks and I get always being tired.

  4. Happy New Year! Here's looking forward to a better year with plenty of change :-) I too am working on losing a few pounds and also getting my spending in check.

  5. @RadiantBrownBeauty we all want to lose a few pounds and yes we all want to spend less money.