Friday, October 21, 2011

First attempt at brush coils

I was browsing YouTube and came across a couple of videos by 4nappiness4eve and part 2 and Toliahi about a technique on how to do finger coils with a brush.  So, yesterday I bought a bristle brush and gave it a try this morning.  I used my Aussie Moist as my leave in conditioner as usual and then some Aloe Vera gel.  Below are some pictures of my first attempt.  Not the best, but I didn't mind going out in public with this look.  I think I just need to practice some more with the brush to get it right. 

Hair is wet.
Hair is dry.

Hair is dry.
Wet hair and my scalp is showing, oh well.

This technique is very simple.  I used a soft bristle brush, Aloe Vera Gel, and my Aussie Moist conditioner as my leave in.  Fresh from the shower with dripping wet hair I applied my Aussie Moist conditioner then some Aloe Vera Gel.  Then I untangled my hair with my wide tooth comb.  Then with my bristle brush in a circle pattern I brushed my hair making sure I was going in the same direction all over my head.  It is very important that you always go in the same circle direction when you change hands.  After the coils formed I slicked my edges with more Aloe Vera Gel and added a head band.  This is the first style I have had the shrinkage worked for me.  As my hair dried the coils got tighter and less of my scalp showed.  

Products I used to make my brush coils.
I think I will practice this technique again and see if I can get my coils better defined.  If I can make this technique work for me I will wear the coil look more often because it only took about 10 minutes.  If I get better results next time I will post a part 2 to brush coils.  BTW the awesome hubby helped with some of the pictures.  His pictures aren't blurry, much better than mine.