Friday, October 14, 2011

Rough day, but still blessed!

Today was a really difficult day at work.  First thing this morning until I left was nothing but run run run.  The demands of my job were almost impossible to complete today.  Then to top it all off I came home to find my front door open.  So, after calling my husband and checking the house the one bright side is that nothing appears to be stolen.  Our alarm went off and my hubby ignored the 1-800 number from the alarm service on his cell phone, so the police came out to check the house.  We were very blessed that whatever "opened" the front door wasn't there and that nothing was missing, but still very scary.

So, with the stress of my job and the "surprise" at home I decided that California Pizza was what was for dinner.  A BLT pizza on whole wheat crust with chicken lettuce wraps hit the spot.  I was able to laugh with my hubby who wore a kilt to school today for Renaissance day and steal kisses from my toddler son with pizza sauce all over his face.

I have decided that today was a blessed day.
Today I was blessed by my loving husband.
Today I was blessed by my beautiful son.
Today I was blessed to be respected at work.
Today I was blessed to find my home unmolested.
Today I was blessed to have the sense to know how blessed I am.

So, if you are reading this and realized how blessed you are please leave me a comment and remember that you are always blessed in whatever situation your life is currently experiencing.  As always, until next time...



  1. Yes, I'm glad that you guys are ok an your things were not stolen. God is good! Today I am blessed because I woke up this morning with the opportunity to make today a better day. I am blessed with a home, family, and health. Thanks for posting this Jen!

  2. Thank you! I love your blog, always positive!