Monday, October 24, 2011

Blessed to have my hubby!

This was a long weekend for my family.  My hubby and I both teach so some advantages is that when school is off we have it off together.  On Thursday we went to the teacher conference in St. Paul.  We went to a few sessions and ran into some friends we only really see at events like these.  For lunch he took me to Dixie's on Grand for some awesome wings and creamy crab soup.  It's been very cool up here in Minnesota so soup was perfect.

On Friday we decided to not drop our son off at daycare and have a family day.  We began the day at the vet with Luigi, then the bank for cash, then the post office.  We ended up eating breakfast at Fat Nat's Eggs one of our favorite breakfast diners.  After breakfast we walked across the parking lot to the Ace hardware to pick up some things we needed around the house.  Then we zipped really quickly to this cool hardware store to try to get a new bolt for the front door.  (Remember when the door was "opened" last Friday.  Well the hubby doesn't want that to happen again.)  Then home to install the new bolt on the door, drop off the dog, and change our son. 

Next came some shopping at JCPenny because I had a coupon for 15% off and my hubby has lost so much weight that he needed some new jeans.  He's down to a 34 inch waist!  He weighs the same that he did in college!  After shopping it was home for a nap for the baby.  The hubby then ran to the auto parts store, got a new muffler for my car, and had it installed before the baby got up from his nap!  After dinner the hubby and baby swapped out the spark plugs on the truck and took a bath together before bedtime.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful hardworking man in my life!  We have a saying in our house that my hubby gets more done on accident in the morning than most people try to do in a day. 

I am blessed to have a man who wants to spend time with me and our son.
I am blessed to be loved by a hardworking, thoughtful, caring, God fearing man.
I am blessed to have a man who considers it a honor and duty to be an active member of our family.
I am blessed that I listened to God when he told me to wait for the right man to come into my life.

If God has blessed you with a wonderful man in your life drop me a comment about how you are blessed.  Remember that if you are still waiting, there are blessings in the wait.  I waited a long time for mine to come into my life and it was worth the wait!  Until next time...



  1. Good Morning, I am still waiting for that Blessing or Recognition of that Blessing. You are truly BLESSED and I am glad that you know how to appreciate and recognize how Good your Husband is. That is a big part of a long lasting Marriage. Cherish it! I am sure he feels the same way about you. Have a Great Day!

  2. Vetsnatural - Thank you for the kind comment.