Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why I'm blessed!

I'm tried.  My son has gotten me and the hubby up several times this week.  He usually wants simple things like a drink of water, but lately he has been having nightmares.  Monday night my hubby put him in bed with us to help settle him down and he finally went to sleep.  But that darn alarm still goes off at 5:45am and I still have to get up and go to work.

Besides the sleepless nights my hubby and I are both taking classes and helping out the boys group at church.  So, this means that we have very little time for ourselves in the evening once our son goes down for bed.

Our carpets were professionally cleaned this past Tuesday and promptly on Wednesday our big dog (Luigi) threw up all over the carpet.  It wouldn't have been so bad if he could have just thrown up once, but the mess implied that he threw up multiple times.  I think at one point he was trying to get outside because a large mess was in front of the back door.  Yuck!
My big dog Luigi.
So, since I am very sleep deprived and whinny I thought that I would share why I am so blessed to kick me out of this mood.

I am blessed because I have a job I love in this poor economy.
I am blessed because I have a home to live in.
I am blessed because I have a beautiful healthy son!
I am blessed because I am loved by an incredible wonderful man!
I am blessed because I have loving friends and family in my life.
I am blessed because my youngest brother is no longer in Iraq!
I am blessed because the car is working this week.
I am blessed because I have my faith and the grace of God!
I am blessed!

Reminding myself that I am always blessed even when my life is crazy, and messy, and sleep deprived keeps me focused.  I need to also remember that sometimes my blessings come from the most messed up situations and that I need to pay attention to what I am suppose to learn.  Until next time...



  1. WoW I love it!!! you are very blessed!! your blog is awesome...keep up the good work!! ;)

  2. I love this post. You are truly blessed sister. May God continue to fill your heart with his joy and love.

  3. Thank you ladies. I plan to label all my blessings posts, so if you like these I will make it easy for you to read them.