Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home with my sick baby, but still blessed!

So, I'm home today because my baby boy is sick.  Last night we went to our Pumpkin Party at our church and when we got home we noticed that he was coughing.  I was up until midnight with him last night simply holding him because every time I laid him down he would start coughing.  Below are some pictures of my baby dressed up as a tiger at the Pumpkin Party.
Playing some carnival games.

My baby tiger loving the inflatable at church.
I am blessed because I have a job that gives me sick time.
I am blessed because I can afford to stay at home with my sick baby.
I am blessed because all he has is a cold and nothing serious.
I am blessed because I can look at staying at home with my sick baby and treat it as quality time.
I am blessed because I can praise Him in all situations of my life.

Remember to give thanks in all circumstances because you are blessed!  Please leave me a comment about what you are thankful for.  Until next time...



  1. Amen sister!!!!!
    You are truly blessed. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. Aww! He's very cute! I hope he feels better soon!

  3. Awww tooo cute!!! Hope your little one feels better soon:-)

  4. Thank you ladies! I think he is feeling better. He took a 4 hour nap today and it looks like he'll go to daycare tomorrow.