Friday, July 20, 2012

Flowers for hair

Face on tree trunk with flowers for hair.
Hello everyone!  I was out weeding my vegetable garden and looked at what was left of my birch tree.  We had to take it down because it was dying a quick death.  Every time we had a storm large dead branches would litter our yard and driveway and we knew it was just a matter of time before the tree fell onto the fence, garage, or car.  So, down it came.  I didn't want a stump in the yard and I didn't want to grind out the stump because it is so close to my raised vegetable garden.  So, I had the tree guy leave the trunk of the tree up and since we had a face on the tree already, I told him to cut the tree down just above the face.  After looking at this I decided to dress up the face with some flowers.  Every face needs hair and flowers for hair is even better.  We have had a lot of neighbors and strangers stopping by when we are outside and commenting about the face with the flowers for hair.  If they only knew that I wear flowers in my hair almost everyday I think they would really get it.  Hope you get a good laugh.  Enjoy!