Friday, December 2, 2011

Flat Twist Out to Work

Well I finally did my flat twists out and went to work wearing them.  I got a mix reception at work.  From "wow check out your fro" to "what happened to your hair?".  I loved it!  I thought it gave me some length and some bangs.

Can you tell I'm really tired.  My son is finally starting to feel better and now I have what he had.  I can't take sick time because I have to save it for when my son is sick.  My hubby works with medically fragile students, so he stays at home when he's sick to not infect his students.  So, that leaves me with staying with the baby.  Anyway, I liked this look.  It was easy and after seeing Krys look I wanted to see if I could do a variation of her style.  I liked the twist out look on her and next time I will see if I can do some flat twists with a twist out look sometime next week.  Until next time...