Sunday, December 4, 2011

Church Hair

I came up with this look in literally 3 minutes.  Of course the hubby and I were fighting with the toddler to get his hair brushed and his church shoes on so my time was really limited today for church.  I had 9 minutes to do my hair and make up and this is the final result.  These pictures were taken after church because I didn't have any time before we had to leave.

Check out those curls!

This was so easy!  I co-washed this morning and used my usual Aussie Moist conditioner as my leave in.  I added some Aloe Vera gel after I put my It's Perfectly Natural Root Food on my problem spot.  I then brushed my edges on the sides of my head by my ears, pulled my headband into place, pulled some hair out of the band, used my Denman brush to separate the curls, and lastly I twisted a couple of the curls that had started to frizz to define them.  Presto!  Cute new style for church today.  What do you think?  Until next time...


  1. Thank you ladies! I feel like my hair is getting long enough that I can start wearing some bangs

  2. Very Cute! i may have to steal this look lol

  3. @JazzWife I like that term "ringlet bangs" thanks.
    @Krys you copy any look you want.
    @SpecialK thank you!