Saturday, June 9, 2012

10 month anniversary of big chop

Hello everyone!  Yesterday  was my 10 month anniversary of my big chop.  I measured my hair and I retained another 1/2 inch of growth this month.  I'm starting to figure out my hair cycle and noticing that every couple of months I get regular growth, sometimes more and then some months with very little growth.  With me starting the Viviscal I'm hoping that my hair doesn't slow down in the growth department and my thinned out spot fills in.  Last month my hair was just barely touching my mole above my lip and now it is curling around my lip and touch the seam of my lips.  So, now in front my hair measures 7 inches.
 I did a wash n go this morning and used the Eco Styler Olive Oil as my gel.  The temps and humidity are high today, so I thought what the heck lets do something firmer.  Since reading Curly Girl I have been finger combing my hair more and using my wide tooth comb less.  I like the results, but I won't be giving up my Hello Hydration or my Denman brush any time soon.  So, I take what works for me and I do it.

Wash n Go with Eco Styler Olive Oil.
This entire week I did wash n go's almost everyday.  It's because I've been thinking about doing a twist out, so I would co-wash my hair then lose energy to to twist my hair for a twist out.  Since school is out I have my son full time and running around after a toddler is exhausting.  The hubby is volunteering at a bible camp with my dad and my mom is with me and my son.  We have gone to the zoo, swimming, and shopping and I'm just to tired to twist my hair for a twist out after I'm done co-washing it.  I also feel like I have to wash my hair more when I'm outside a lot.  I've been gardening and walking more and the wind has been blowing dust around so I touch my hair and feel the grit and think "yuck, I'm co-washing".  Yesterday, we were rained on at the zoo.  When you can feel the gel and conditioner being washed out of your hair you got to replace that so your not a frizz ball.  Until next time...


  1. Wow almost a year! Congrats! I love my wash and go's too expecially in this weather.


  3. Thank you ladies! I'm debating if I should flat iron my hair for my one year anniversary.